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February 2014

When the world doesn't think they need your product, create it

InnowhatLast week I ran into an old friend. He asked me what I was up to, and I told him about this new doohikey I'm working on. He asked, Does the world really need another doohickey

Honestly, no. The world does not need yet another doohickey. But that's why I'm working so damn hard on it.

Few people recognize, anticipates or expect disruptive innovations. If anyone knew what the next disruptive innovation would be and how it would work, then they would be building it.Great innovators work tirelessly to build things the world don't expect to see.

Few people thought that the world needed a better smoke detector or thermostate. This giant market was sleeping. Along came Nest and gave the industry the scare of their lives. Nest introduced innovations that nobody saw coming in a tired, sleeping market.

No, the world does not think that they need another doohickey. The doohickey market is already crowded by the big names, most of whom haven't made any major moves in years. And that's exactly why I'm in it.

There's no better way to take on a giant, than to climb right past him while he sleeps.