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Convergence: The mistake we all made

From about 2002 to 2012, there was a great deal of conversation about a future world, where we would live in the nirvana called convergence. We couldn't have gotten it any more wrong.

We all assumed convergence was about the one device, the one ecosystem, the one platform that would rule the world. 

Our phones are now the convergent devices we dreamed of, so why do we still have cable tv, set top boxes, home phone lines, wearables, watches, fitness trackers, tablets, and so much more?

Because great innovations adapt to the human experience rather than demanding that we change our behavior to enjoy the innovation. Because tech has gotten so good and so quickly, that we no longer focus on speed, but on experience. We no longer focus on the specs in the device, but the price point and the way it feels in our hand. Because it's all about the way services and technologies adapt to meet our needs.

Yes, in the future we will live in a converged world. But devices won't be at the center of this world. People will. Successful businesses don't sell technology, they sell solutions.

Focus on the game, not on the tools, and you've got your winning strategy.