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Hashtags, yellow ribbons and flags

Hashtag flag

You have a yellow ribbon on your tree! Then I'll stop attacking your military... said no one ever.

But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't hang a yellow ribbon, use a hashtag or wave a flag. These are all symbols of something greater than ourselves, icons of self-identification that join us together and rally others to our cause.

We don't hang ribbons to conquer the enemy, at least not directly. We hang them as a reminder to ourselves and to everyone we encounter that this cause is close to our hearts. We hang ribbons to generate momentum for our movement, to amass goodwill and ultimately garner political support for our cause.

Using a hashtag won't get the enemy to lay down their weapons. Using a hashtag won't pressure guerrilla groups or terrorists into action. But every army has a flag. And the flag of our generation is the hashtag.