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This is what Google+ should have and still could become


Google+ failed as a social network. They failed to attract loyal content creators, they failed to attract casually addicted participants, and the failed to deliver the tools that would extend and enrich this experience beyond the core site or app.

But this doesn't mean that Google+ failed as a platform. Google+ introduced a number of fantastic tools, that when re-positioned, can build an even stronger (non-social) platform. Their photo tools are incredible. Hangouts have become the video chat tool of choice among the geek elite. The Circles concept was sound. Their card-based design has been extended across Google's entire portfolio with Material Design. And most importantly, Google+ introduced a single sign-on to Google's many properties. Each of these concepts remains strong, despite their combined failure as a social platform.

Google should keep Google+, even if they disregard the brand name. Rather than being about the community, Google+ should be about me.

Google is how I discover and access information about the world around me. Google Now delivers the right information to me, even when I don't search for it. Google+ should be my personal digital dashboard, information and tools. Google+ should show connect with every platform I care about and use this data to make my Google branded experiences even stronger. 

This new platform will be bigger than the "universal" Google that anyone can use. It's my Google. It's Google+.