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4 Things Apple Didn't Announce Yesterday

4 things apple didn't announce

With all the excitement about Apple's latest devices, here are the four noteworthy announcements they didn't make:

  1. A new iPad Air.
    They updated their iPad mini line, and they announced the new, gigantic, iPad Pro. But they did not announce a new "normally sized" iPad. Is Apple sunsetting this product, or letting it drift out to sea like the iPod Touch product line?

  2. 3D Touch for iPad and Apple TV.
    3D Touch was unveiled as part of the iPhone 6S announcement. But 3D touch was never mentioned during the iPad-focussed part of their presentation, and 3D Touch does not appear anywhere on their website. Is Apple saving a little something special for next year?

  3. Storage the for Pencil. 
    Apple appears to have just created a perfectly round device that can easily roll off the table. If I'm going to shell out $99 for an Apple Pencil, I hope there is some way to store it so that I don't lose it. Samsung builds storage for their stylus right into the device, and notifies you if you leave the stylus behind. Microsoft's pen sticks to the side of the Surface, and clips onto the keyboard cover. 

  4. News and Advertising for Apple TV. 
    Can I run advertising in my Apple TV app? Is there a new iAd format for the big screen? How about an adaptation of Apple News for the first-screen in my life?