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fun fridays : next gen input interfaces

The video below requires some explanation.  FRONT is an interactive system motion capture system that records 3D "pen" strokes -- sending that information to a computer afterwards - apparently to be "printed".  (Video after the jump)

Uploaded by reelgood0008

I don't speak Japanese, but the story here is clearly apparent from the visuals.  Live mixed reality meets avatar like customization.  This is just too cool.  Check it out below (after the jump).


And what post about interface evolution would be complete without including the amazing Jeff Han?  Sure, the iPhone does multitouch, but it doesn't use tilt or pan technologies to navigate a 3D world!  On that note, why wouldn't Apple create a next gen mouse similar to the iPhone/iPod touch that would marry the multitouch experience with the built in accelerometers to deliver an intuitive 3D input interface?  This would change the face of both gaming and virtual world navigation!  And couple this technology with the Japanese mixed reality avatar-like technology featured above (fed by an integrated web-cam) for more human facial gestures, and you've got the world's BEST mixed reality home PC!  Dell's released a World of Warcraft unit, here's to hoping they pick this up next!  Any thoughts?

Video below (after the jump).

fun fridays is back!

In good old Friday tradition, here are some of my favorite spots from the week!


Usher remakes a movie classic - Singing In The Rain.  This is one modernization that works, maintaining the original vibe and feel while injecting a modern flair.


My older brother Matt is obsessed with this clip.  After hearing him imitate Frank Caliendo immitating Charles Barkley a few too many times last weekend, I just had to check it out.  This has to be one of the funniest things I've seen in months!  (disclaimer: I'm working with Turner on a project now) 

Hint: the good stuff starts a minute in.

Fun Fridays

Please tell me you're not reading this on Black Friday.  You'd better be out shopping and consuming like a good little American.  Support the economy, buy stuff! 

But if you are home (I'm babysitting my 4 month old), check out this great Mr T spot.

I'm not sure what about this spot makes it so endearing, it may just be Mr T.  Who doesn't love that guy?

fun fridays : 24 in 1994

For all those 24 fans out there - this is what 24 would have looked like in 1994.  Ahhh, the good old days of AOL 3.0, chatrooms, keywords, pagers, Prodigy, brick phones, Geocities, VHS, polaroids, Windows 3.1, old school printers, pay phones and don't forget the good old fashioned screeching sounds of dial-up.  I'm not going to ruin it for you, but there is another great oh so 90s bit at the end.


fun fridays... on Thursday

I know, it's not yet Friday, but I feel like starting the weekend early, so here goes... enjoy!

Just came across this awesome video.  Think - We Didn't Start The Fire goes 2.0 - with everything viral.  I think I recognize a few too many of these clips.

Kudos to Katie Konrath for her insightful post on innovative lessons learned from a shoplifting seagull.  Video below:

I don't know about you, but I think this (see below) is going to bring the Microsoft Surface functionality to an airport waiting area near you VERY soon (where else do you have time to stand around and interact with a wall?).  How cool would it be to play with a brand/read your news/watch video and create whole new worlds of as yet undiscovered interactions?  This may change the way we interact, the way we compute, the way we input, and the way we brandvertise. 

In other news, the TV show 24 posted their teaser for Season 7.  It looks like they ran out of plot lines, but this one looks compelling enough.  Where can they go from here?

fun friday - diving right in!

For years I've dreamed of swimming in Jello.  As a lifeguard (when I was teenager) we frequently debated how many packets of Jello it would take to fill a pool.  We even tried to figure out when it would be cool enough at night to turn the entire pool into the sliquidy perfection true Jello swimming would require.  Let's just say, we had a lot of time on our hands and really liked Disney (Mickey Mouse swims in Jello in an old movie).

So it's been a long week (NY, East Norwalk and Detroit) and as I'm closing up shop, I come across the video below.  It may not be swimming in Jello, but it's as close as I'm going to get until a bunch of teenagers find enough money to buy 13,642 packets of Jello.

And what post about Jello would be complete without some vintage J-E-L-L-O Cosby goodness?

SO, it's Friday, really getting closer to end of day Friday... and we all need some great throwback video.  I'm not up on this band, but their name has popped up a number of times and I've got to say, I love that 70s-80s vibe.  Check out D.A.N.C.E. on Kimmel below.

And if this wasn't kool enough (cool with a k makes it quite the hip comment), check out their music video below.  This is just too cool!

And speaking of too cool, this video below is just freaky.  In addition to featuring amazing CGI, there is a fairly deep statement being made around the role media is playing in our own thoughts, expression and the sentiment expressed therein.